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2002-12-14 15.12.36 1D
File Name: 2002-1214_151236_1D.TIF File Size: 3921.2K Camera: Canon EOS-1D Shooting Date/Time: 12/14/2002 03:12:36 PM Shooting Mode: Av Shutter Speed: 1/320 Aperture: 8.0 Metering Mode: Evaluative Exposure Comp: 0 ISO: 400 Lens: 15-30@15mm Image Size: 2464x1648 Image Quality: Raw Flash: Off White Balance: Auto AF Mode: One-Shot Gamma: Standard Sharpness: Very Fine(2) Color Matrix: 1 Image number: 0-0000 CF0: (0)Focusing Screen: Laser-matte screen CF1: Finder Display During Exposure: No Finder display CF2: Shutter Release without CF Card: Not Possible CF3: ISO Speed Expansion: Expanded Sensitivity CF4: Shutter Button / AE lock Button: AE/AF, no AE lock CF5: Manual TV/AV Set for Manual Exp: TV=Main Dial, AV=Quick Dial CF6: Exposure Level Increment: 1/3 stop set, 1/3 stop comp CF7: USM Lens Electronic MF: Turns on after One-Shot AF CF8: Top LCD Panel/Back LCD Panel: ISO/Remainig shots CF9: Auto Bracketing Sequence/Cancel: -,0,+ / Auto Cancel CF10: AF Point Illumination: On without dimming CF11: AF Point Selection Method: H=AF point selection button + Main / V=Quick Control dial CF12: Mirror Lockup: Disable CF13: Number of AF Points/Spot Metering: 45/Center AF point CF14: Auto reduction of daylight sync: Enable CF15: Shutter curtain synchronization: 2nd curtain sync CF16: Safety Shift in AV or TV: Enable CF17: AF point activation area: Automatic Expand (max 13) CF18: Switch to registered AF point: Assist button CF19: Lens AF stop button function: AF stop CF20: AI Servo tracking sensitivity: Standard Drive Mode: Continuous(low) Owner's Name: T. J. Backherms II/ SVPhoto Body ID: 017430
Artist T. J. Backherms II/ SVPhoto   ·   Original Date 12/14/02 3:12 PM   ·   Camera Canon EOS-1D   ·   Focal Length (35mm) 19mm   ·   Metering Mode Unknown   ·   ISO Equivalent 400   ·   Exposure Time 1/330s   ·   Aperture 8.0   ·   Exposure bias 0 EV   ·   Exposure Program Aperture priority   ·   Flash No   ·   Resolution 2532 x 1752