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2002-11-01 13.11.40 D30
File Name: 2002-1101_131140_D30.CRW Camera: Canon EOS D30 Shooting Date/Time: 11/01/2002 01:11:40 PM Shooting Mode: Av Shutter: 1/79 Aperture: 16 Metering Mode: Center Weighted Avg. Exposure Comp: 0 ISO: 100 Lens: 15-30@30mm Image Size: 2160x1440 Image Quality: Raw Flash: Off White Balance: Custom AF Mode: One-Shot Focus Point: Center Contrast: Low Sharpness: Normal Saturation: High Image number: 217-1797 CF1: Long exposure noise reduction: On CF2: Shutter button/AE lock button: AF/AE lock CF3: Mirror lockup: Disable CF4: Tv/Av and exposure level: 1/3 stop CF5: AF assist light: On (auto) CF6: Shutter speed in Av mode: Auto CF7: AEB sequence/auto cancellation: 0,-,+ / Disable CF8: Shutter curtain sync: 1st-curtain sync CF9: Lens AF stop button Fn. switch: AE lock while metering CF10: Auto reduction of fill flash: Disable CF11: Menu button return position: Previous CF12: SET button func when shooting: Change ISO speed CF13: Sensor cleaning: Disable Macro Mode: Normal Owner's Name: T J Body ID: 304414752 Additional Information-----
Artist T J   ·   Original Date 11/1/02 1:11 PM   ·   Camera Canon EOS D30   ·   Focal Length (35mm) 48mm   ·   Metering Mode Center weighted average   ·   ISO Equivalent 100   ·   Exposure Time 1/79s   ·   Aperture 16.0   ·   Exposure bias 0 EV   ·   Exposure Program Aperture priority   ·   Flash No   ·   Resolution 2150 x 1425